Shopping for new running shoes ? A good way of telling that your running shoes are worn out is to listen to your body! But if you want to be save and change your shoes before your body starts aching, figure out how many miles you run.
A good running shoe should last you between 400-600 miles. And when I say good running shoes I mean GOOD! Don’t save money when you buy running shoes. Its one of the most important investment you will make if you decide you are going to use running as your fitness choice.
First go on-line and check out reviews about different manufacturers,  and than when you know which company’s have the the best reviews, go to the store and try them on. Put both shoes on and start walking around the store for a while and really see how the shoes feel. Every company makes many models and it will take a while to figure out whats right for you, but its important to take that time and really find the best shoe for you. Running is a very high impact work-out and it can really take a toll on your body and your joints, so the right shoes are very important.