I had a busy stressful week and my fitness routine took a back seat to life. Instead of 5 weekly workouts I only did 3, and my eating habits took a toll as well. Of cause I started feeling bad about myself after not working out for 3 days in a row! So today I promised myself I would get back in the saddle,  but as the day progressed I could not find time and energy to return to the gym. Finally at 6:30 pm I packed up my daughter and headed to the gym yawning. I really was not in the mood but I kept telling myself I will take it easy on myself  and only aim for a quick 30 minute workout to get me back in the game after a stressful week. I got on the treadmill and started running slow and easy, music pumping. It did not take long till I was off to the races, I immediately started feeling more energized and invigorated and realized after a few days of not working out, I actually had more energy and strength. After working out I felt a lot better and happier.

It’s important to give yourself room to take it easy sometimes. Life happens and the gym takes a back seat. That’s OK! But don’t give up on yourself and don’t let to much time pass. If you are in good shape, a few days of not working out and eating junk will not do to much damage, and you will bounce back really quick. Getting back to the gym after a little break can be hard, but if you start slow and tell yourself that you only have to do a mini workout to get you rolling again, it will do wonders. The key is not to give up on yourself or let a small setback move you off course. Don’t allow weakening thoughts of failure take over your thinking! Tell yourself that you have not lost any momentum and that you are still Fitastic! All you did is take a little break under a shady tree to gather your strength, and now you are back in the saddle and you are racing for the finish line!

Keep your body strong, but keep your mind stronger, always believe in yourself and always keep moving forward.